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About Delphi Advisers

As you probably know by now, we believe that the financial industry is incredibly broken and riddled with misinformation, conflicts of interest, and predatory sales; thus Delphi Advisers is a company that was born out of necessity.

In ancient Greece, Delphi was a city people would travel to from far and wide in order to visit the oracle at the temple of Apollo. They would make this journey to seek truth and clarity in a very difficult world. By no means do we believe we are an oracle of any kind, but this city and this journey has been a major inspiration in the creation of our company.

Delphi Advisers, LLC was founded by Ben Lies in 2019 with the goal of providing the ultimate client experience, with a focus on transparency and client service. The entire structure of Delphi Advisers is built to put clients first and help maximize their probability of financial success, right down to the very last detail. In this industry, it is common to sell products for commission, blur the lines of fiduciary vs salesman, collect fees for services that have not been rendered, pretend to manage money without actually doing so, and many other less-than-respectable acts. Here at Delphi you will find that we have eliminated the possibility of all of this nonsense by structuring the business with a client-first mentality.

Delphi Advisers was created in the Pacific Northwest with the inspiration of a city in Ancient Greece, but we strive to be a better class of Wealth Manager for clients across our beautiful nation.

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  • Our Story

    Delphi Advisers is a unique wealth management and financial planning company headquartered in Vancouver, WA. We are built to help clients succeed, down to the last detail.

    The financial industry is broken and littered with hidden fees and conflicts of interest. We have sought to eliminate these problems and combine it with a focus on client service.

  • Our Mission

    The standard Wall Street model is based on selling financial products and profiting off of hidden fees.

    We are creating an environment of transparency by getting rid of hidden fees, selling no financial products, managing assets in house, and charging a flat fee for service. By bringing clarity to the process we can find a path to success together.

About Our Founder

Our founder, Ben Lies, was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, which is where Delphi Advisers is headquartered. Ben is a sports enthusiast and was an intercollegiate athlete, but his passion is investing and economics. He has been involved with investment analysis for about 20 years and has been working directly in financial services for the better part of a decade. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Business from the University of Washington, an MBA in International Business from Portland State University, and a Certificate in Business Strategy from Cornell.

Ben started Delphi Advisers because he strongly believes that other wealth management companies are not doing right by their clients, either with misalignment of fees or by not actually managing money. He built Delphi Advisers on the idea of transparency, world class client service, and one-of-a-kind portfolio management driven by statistical analysis and global market forecasting. He believes people deserve a better class of wealth manager and is striving fulfill that need.

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