Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning that starts and ends with you. No stone will be left unturned as we help deploy a financial plan designed to meet each clients unique goals.

Many of our clients are still in the early stages of the accumulation phase or do not require a customized investment strategy that needs to be managed on a day to day basis, but they still need to put together a long term financial plan and get it deployed. For these clients we have designed a financial planning service that will help them get where they want to go.

Who This is Designed For?

  • Still Working
  • Planning for the future
  • Accumulation Stage
  • Financial Optimization
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The Process

Financial planning starts, for all of our clients, with the discovery process but from that point on can be quite fluid depending on each clients unique needs. The major aspects of designing a financial plan can be found below but these steps may come in a slightly different order, or cover things that are not found outlined in this process. We do whatever our clients need from us and no template can capture that.

  • Step 1

    Discovery Process

    The financial planning process starts with our clients. We spend as much time as needed to learn the ins and the outs of their financial lives. This ensures we create the best possible plan to meet their long term goals.

  • Step 2

    Establish Funcitonal Priorities

    After we know all the factors that affect our client’s financial lives, we need to determine what is most important/urgent to get those items taken care of first.

  • Step 3

    Design a Savings and Investment Plan

    After any urgent items are taken care of, we will move on to designing a savings and investment strategy that can involve the opening of new accounts, automating monthly savings contributions, selecting investment vehicles, and establishing a re-balancing and ongoing evaluation strategy.

  • Step 4

    Design and Implement a Legacy Plan

    Legacy plans can be quite simple or complex depending on a clients financial situation and goals. This can be as simple as getting wills in place or updating existing wills and making sure basic life insurance needs are met to establishing complex trusts.

Discovery Process

This is by far the most important step in understanding the ins and outs of our clients lives. We will dive into every detail, leaving no stone unturned as we strive for ultimate understanding. The list below is the bare minimum that needs to be understood as every client has unique circumstances that cannot be covered by a simple template.

  • Balance Sheet

    Understanding your entire asset and liability picture is very important in designing a debt pay down strategy (if needed) as well as an investment strategy that fits into our clients financial lives.

  • Income and Expenses

    Getting a grasp on current, and future, income and expenses will help us determine realistic savings goals, future distribution needs from investments and can have a bearing on the overall asset allocation strategy.

  • Taxes

    Current and projected future tax brackets can not only effect savings strategies but also future distribution strategies and the overall investment strategy.

  • Financial Milestones

    What large purchases, or potential sudden money situations are on the horizon? How should we account for this in the overall plan?

  • Time Horizon

    One of the biggest factors in an savings and investment strategy is how long the money needs to be working for you. Understanding your health and family history is incredibly important to long term planning.

  • Financial Goals

    What do you want your assets to accomplish for you? Are they for legacy purposes? Or perhaps retirement income? Do you want to grow the assets as much as reasonably possible or is growth not that important? The strategy needs to fit the goal.

  • Volatility Threshold

    How comfortable are you with short term market shifts and shocks? Having a strategy that won’t keep you awake at night is the key to reaping the long-term rewards?

Does Your Advisor Measure Up?

Advisors come in all shapes and sizes. They have different expertise, they operate in very different ways, and even get paid differently in many cases. Is your advisor the best fit for you and your family?

Your Financial
Always acts as a fiduciary? ?
Fee only, not fee based? ?
Clear and transparent fee structure? ?
In house, active, portfolio management? ?
Focus on client service? ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Delphi Advisers is what's called a Fee-Only Fiduciary. This means that we are required by law to always put our clients needs ahead of our own and act in their best interest on every occasion.
Additionally, many of our competitors may be registered as a fiduciary but also act in other capacities when dealing with their clients, which creates a conflict of interest. We are a fiduciary and ONLY act as a fiduciary, always.

There are myriad factors that set us apart from our competitors, from the structure of the business to how we manage portfolios. Put simply, and briefly, we are shifting the paradigm on how clients are serviced and every aspect of our business model is structured to ensure we help clients have the absolute highest probability of success. Our model is built around our clients and we put them first, every time.

Yes. We build personalized portfolios for our clients that are designed to meet their individual needs and accomplish their goals. We do not use third party investment managers, arbitrary model portfolios, or passive investment strategies. Our clients pay us to manage their investments and we give them every pennies worth of their fees.

Unlike many of our competitors, we have a very clear and transparent fee structure. For our investment management clients we charge a flat percentage of the value of the assets we manage and in most cases this will include financial planning. For our planning only clients, we negotiate a price for the service needed and that's it. We don't collect commissions, charge layers of fees, or get kickbacks for recommending products. Our fee structure is simple, clear, and you will always know exactly how much you are paying us, down to the penny.

Nationwide, and some international. Delphi Advisers, LLC is headquartered in Vancouver, WA and we serve clients locally and across the country, and even some international clients.

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