Behavioral Biases
By Ben Lies

Sorry, You’re Biased Toward Your Own Money. Here’s What We Can Do About It

In one way or another, we all have a complex relationship with our own money. Because of that, it’s hard to be rational all the time in how we use it. But where do our behavioral biases come from, and what can we do to counteract them? We explore these questions below. Emotions Lead to […]

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Financial stress triggers and what to do about them
By Ben Lies

6 Common Financial Stress Triggers and How to Overcome Them

As companies continue to navigate the uncertainties that have come with the coronavirus pandemic and employees figure out their day-to-day routine, financial stress triggers are bound to occur. While feelings of stress and anxiety are certainly heightened amidst the current pandemic, feeling stressed about your finances isn’t anything new.  In fact, an American Psychological Association […]

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coronavirus why your next moves are more important than the markets
By Ben Lies

Coronavirus: Why Your Next Moves Are More Important Than the Market’s

As of June 26, 2020, 9,473,214 cases of COVID-19 were reported, with the death toll reaching 484,249.1 With the number of infected patients rising every day, it’s nearly impossible to avoid feeling stressed or anxious about the world’s most recent pandemic. Aside from the concerns for our health, the financial toll of the Coronavirus pandemic […]

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